From the very beginning, Xoan Candle Co has been honest and sincere about their merchandise, their ingredients, and their desire to create products that are exceptional in both quality and impact. I’ve always been obsessed with scents that take me away; whether I was looking for a calmer atmosphere among the chaos that is everyday life, or just searching for the perfect candle to match the ambiance of a midnight bubble bath. Even after I had my son, I rarely questioned the products I was exposing him to… especially not when they smell good. 

The foundation of Xoan prompted me to research the harmful ingredients in commercial candles, such as paraffin wax, and I learned that the petro-soot emitted from these candles is just as harmful as diesel fumes! How did I ever bring these into my home?! Every single Xoan scent I’ve experienced has exceeded my expectations. “Carolina Coast” and “After the Rain” are a couple of my favorites, but every scent is so pure and inviting. I continue to be amazed. 

It’s not only knowing that these products are made with your family and the environment in mind; it’s knowing the philanthropy Xoan is so enthusiastic about that sets them apart from the crowd. I just imagine how much passion for spreading good goes into each batch of wax and all of these products! Truly thankful to have found the little piece of heaven that is Xoan Candle!

-Sami, North Carolina

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