Wooden Wick vs. Cotton Wick

A beautiful crackling wood wick creates the "wick" part of all Xoan Candle Co. candles. Sourced from FSC-certified mills, organic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, our wicks are as natural as it gets. Harvested from mature fruit trees, our wicks are not only natural but also sustainable.
Wood wicks should be trimmed to 1/8th of an inch before lighting each time. To help you visualize the correct wick height we cut the wick to the proper size before we ship your candle. When extinguishing our wood wick you will notice very little smoke produced from the wick.
Wood Wicks
  • Beautiful ambient crackling while burning.
  • Provide even wax burning (no unusable wax rings on the sides of jars!)
  • Cater to any decor.
  • Sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Never emit harmful toxins.
Cotton Wicks
  • Burn unevenly.
  • Become dangerous if not trimmed properly.
  • Create soot marks when burned near walls.
  • Can contain heavy metals and toxins.
  • Can be treated with chemicals to control burning.
  • Don't look nearly cool enough for our candles.
Xoan Candle Co. isn't just another candle company. We go the extra mile in providing the best possible product from natural and sustainable resources. Our 100% soy wax, wood wick candles are the perfect addition to the rooms of your house and make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

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