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Who We Are?

Hand poured in Charlotte, North Carolina, Xoan Candle Co. offers simple, sustainable, and non-toxic products that are safe for use around your family, pets, and friends. We began making candles in our home kitchen as a means to avoid commercially produced paraffin candles riddled with harsh chemicals, metal core wicks, and unsafe dyes. Over time our technique for making a wonderfully scented, clean-burning, eco-friendly soy wax candle has been perfected to provide a much safer and cleaner alternative to other products on the market.

We support local and national charities by donating 15% of every sale to the charity of our customers choice. A dedication to making safe products from sustainable materials while also giving back to our community is the core on which we stand.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable, clean burning candles and wax melts while giving back to the community.

Our Impact

15% of every purchase to the charity of your choice.